April 21, 2009

The Death of the Organization Man

"William Whyte, who was an editor at Fortune magazine, argues in this 1956 bestseller that some people not only worked for an organization, but sold their psyches to them as well. These "organization men" willingly subordinated their personal goals and desires to conform to the demands of corporations and other organizations."

This is part of the reason I like chatting with my dad, who grew up back in the day. Did his MBA when it was still new, and followed Mintzberg and Drucker when ideas (of the business and strategy sort) were discussed and debated like
Socrates and Plato. OK I admit, a bit of a stretch but I hope you get my point.
In my current circles, no one still argues about Keynes vs.
Friedman, nor could they identify. Given our current climate, a discursive chat worth having.
I can of course now read this text online, but I'm likely to go to a place that has these things called books.

PS: Link to image is perhaps NSFW, but one of my favourites.

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