April 30, 2009

The Social Web

If you're interested in Social Web and Online Identity Management - and you should be, then I would suggest checking out Jeremiah's work and thoughts. You can follow him on Twitter, too.
He's going to be here in #YYC next week for a conference and, as a Forrester client, we get to meet him for a chat.

His latest paper talks about the future (and evolution) of Social Web. He describes as five eras:

1) Era of Social Relationships: People connect to others and share

2) Era of Social Functionality: Social networks become like operating system

3) Era of Social Colonization: Every experience can now be social

4) Era of Social Context: Personalized and accurate content

5) Era of Social Commerce: Communities define future products and services

We're in Era 2 at the moment, where social networks have evolved beyond just making friends. They've turned into platforms that support social interactive applications. Cool stuff.

UPDATE: Real world examples of said Era.

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