May 05, 2009

Twitter explained

This is me explaining Twitter to a client, in the dark (excerpt and anonymized):

"To Twitter and some context.
Simply, it's a social networking platform akin to Facebook and MySpace. Only it's a little different. Similar to the 'Update your Status' in Facebook, entries are only 140 characters. You 'follow' people's updates (tweets) and people follow you. You can see what it looks like here: And you can learn about it here:

I registered on your behalf because Twitter could and should be part of your online brand marketing and PR strategy. I didn't want anyone else to scoop up your Twitter brand. And you can do it in house, but we recommend leaving it to an expert in Social Web and PR.

Here's why/how:
1. It's the fastest growing social web application. Users have trebled in the last two months to 15 M unique visitors in the US alone:
2. Celebrities like Aston Kutcher have over 1 M people following them. Crazy.
3. It has significant business applications
4. It indirectly influences Search Engine Optimization for"

I could go on and on...

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