June 10, 2009

A moral imperative

I'm no Michael Clayton, and I've done my share of soul-breaking work over the years - hell, I worked for big Pharma, but this one is sticking in my craw. I'm doing some strategy work for a client at the moment, and it's taking all of my professional will to do a half decent job. Why? It's for a Christian entertainment company. Yep. As Gord Downie said: "I made degenerate art for the religious right on the day that you were born". I'd like to put it off, but I suppose one has to pay the bills...

From an ethnographic and anthropological perspective, it is intriguing and absorbing. Christ (pun intended), they have their own Social Networking site! It's kind of like Fox News, you just can't not watch it. Fascinating, in a scary kid of way. Pimping for Godlywood.

UPDATE: FTR, I'm not doing work for Veggie Tales - this would actually be fun. And, Fun Fact: Can you name the top grossing Independent Film of 2008? Nope, not Slumdog Millionaire. Fireproof. Whack.

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