September 09, 2009

User Generated Content - A double edged sword

I've always thought that the Globe and Mail was at the leading edge of integrating Web 2.0 tools into their content. Their live discussions are slick, a number of featured writers Tweet and blog on behalf of the 'paper'.

Now, I'm not that clever I know, but I'm a little surprised it took me until now to put 2 and 2 together on this one. The Globe has started integrating Twitter feeds right into news stories.

I tweeted just to see my name in lights, but it raises interesting questions about the value and veracity of this type of user generated content (read the tweets around mine...). And since the Globe has no 'control' over this content, it also raises intellectual property and legal issues.

What if someone tweeted something untrue or of a threatening or criminal nature? Yes, that person might get a knock on the door from authorities, but could the Globe also be held liable? Probably not, but as stated, interesting.

UPDATE: The Globe appears to be at the Web 2.0 trough again. This time by imbedding official documents and press releases into articles using Scribd. It certainly augments the user experience and keeps them on page.The NYT has been doing this for awhile, but it's the first time I noticed on the Globe.

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