November 10, 2009


I'm looking at my grandfather's canteen in my warm, safe kitchen. It's still in pretty good shape. A few dings, as expected. He had it strapped to his waist for a time, during WWII.

He signed up. Never made it overseas, but nevertheless did his duty for
King and Country. The family yarn is that he fought the 'Battle of Medicine Hat'. Not a joke, really. If he had shipped overseas, I might not be here to remember him.

Dad was a navigator on Douglas DC-6's before and during the Korean conflict and they named an airport today (second - to be fair to Owen Sound) after a rather infamous relative.

The point? Remember the past and present, how fortunate we are, and the sacrifices other families have made. They have stories - tragic scars unhealed, in scrapbooks, almost forgotten.

I'll certainly take a moment tomorrow to remember.

If that doesn't convince you to wear a poppy: 'good dog': Sgt. Gander.
'good dog'.

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