December 04, 2009

True North, Strong, and Social

When Canadians meet, we often talk about the weather. Apparently, we talk about other things as well - online - a lot.

Research published this week confirms how critical it is for Canadian marketers to pay attention and get busy with their Social Media strategy:

Nate Elliot, a Forrester researcher, wrote a summary based on their Technographic research data. One of his high-level conclusions: "Canadians are the most active social networkers in any market we survey"

2. A thought-provoking visualization of global Social Media usage by trendstream and lightspeedresearch. China, the US, India and Brazil lead the way in volume. But, if you look at the percentages, Canada is right up there, particularly for Social Networking. (China has the most bloggers - political and cultural reasons(?) that I would like to research further).

These numbers should make marketers take pause and get our collective act together. As Blast said a couple of years ago, whether you market in the True North or not, "It means customers are lIstenIng to each other rather than you."

Makes sense, eh?

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