February 09, 2010

Business in China

A remarkable day of meetings with our client. I was amazed and humbled by my own 'small world' view, all at the same time.

The marketing, technology and advertising teams for our client consists of Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Hongkongese, oh, and Chinese. And guess what? We conducted all of the meeting sessions in English. And, they were two steps ahead of us (with regards to technology in particular) at almost every turn.

That whole "Selling in a Global Marketplace" thing. Well, it appears to be more than a theory. Witnessing it in action.

And, the same dinner conversations are universal. Complaints about commuting, a vibrant discussion about maternity leave rights, whether to use .php or Java for APIs (ok, maybe this last one was for us propeller heads over in the corner...)

Another curious fact. Of the native Beijingers at the table, 2 reluctantly confessed they had never been to the Great Wall...

Finally, a North American cliche come to life. Sent some clothes out to be laundered...look what happened to a pair of socks!

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