March 04, 2010

Find a Happy Place. Warning: #Golf is involved.

It was nice enough in Calgary today to be out on the golf course...if you're into that kind of thing.

Outside with a colleague soaking up some sunshine. He just had a 'client from hell' call and was clearly, um, well, livid.
Unconsciously, he gripped his hands together, but not too tight, and made a swinging motion. A Walter Hagen - type moment.

His mood lifted, much to his surprise. A 'mental movie' at work. Re-invigorated.

There is much talk and evidence about the parallel between business and high-performance sport. Visualisation of success. An objective, challenges presented, strategies, (sometimes) flawless execution, results, analysis for the next success.

I walk golf courses everyday whether I'm on them or not.

(PIC). The Old Head in County Kildare, Ireland. One of my best 'good walk (s) spoiled', ever.

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