March 23, 2012

I made a Digital Strategy 'Hamburger' #strategy

I was recently challenged with organizing the results of some participatory design sessions. After a bunch of free-listing exercises it became clear that the problem was larger than just the website itself. Marketing was non-existent and the infrastructure and offline support had not been thought through.
So, I had to come up with a model that would address this. I put all of the website related questions into Forrester's Website Review Scorecard categories - Value, Navigation, Presentation and Trust.
Then, I added in 'Accessibility' - how easy is it for people to access the website? Amazing how many organizations still get stuck in the 'Field of Dreams' idea - that if you build it they will come. No SEO, SEM, offline traffic.
Finally, I added in Cross-Channel Customer Experience (XCCX) to address offline support, user authentication via offline processes, mobile, etc.
It worked really well. Problem is that it looks like a hamburger.

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