October 26, 2009


No, not Mr. Hargreaves.

Doug came up with an easy to remember model (slide 8) for
Social Web adoption. To quote: "Thanks, made it up. Mnemonic helps me when presenting!"

This is my Interpretation of BUMPP, but I welcome comments from Doug and others:

  1. Brand: Does your brand lend itself to the Social Web channel? On a practical level, have you secured your Social Web assets - Twitter, vanity Facebook name, etc.?
  2. Understand: Do you have a strategy around what you would like to accomplish? In other words, have you done a POST analysis?
  3. Monitor: Before jumping in head first, understand where you are in the Social Media continuum - have you 'listened' to your audience?
  4. Policy: Does your organization have a plan and processes in place on how to employ this channel? Where I work, we have a number of people that can blog and Tweet on behalf of the company, but we have policies in place about what we can and cannot speak to.
  5. Participate: Once you have 1 - 4 in place, it's time to get in the game. Jeremiah Owyang speaks of 5 types of models for how to engage employees within the organization. I'd say we're a blend of #4 and #5 - where everyone is encouraged to participate but only some are permitted to use 'official' channels.


communicatto said...

You've captured it nicely, John.It is merely a simple mnemonic for me to remember to speak to key issues when discussing social media tactics.

Generally in my talks I'll precede this with an overview of Forrester's POST model (the strategic framework) and the segue is, once strategy is in place, tactics need to be orderly.

The other element in the Understand component is the need to understand cultural norms in social media, and make informed decisions about such things as brand tweeting versus human tweeting, ghost blogging or not, etc. In other words, don't be gauche.

My spiel on monitoring usually includes a passing nod to the continuum from cheap Google Alerts through to RSS feeds and on to commercial solutions like Techrigy.com, Radian6, Meltwater Buzz, etc.

Thanks for posting on this John!

Coniferous said...

Thanks for the insight.

You're correct in stating is it more of a tactical checklist.

Your comments on the 'people' vs. 'bot' aspect is a subtlety I hadn't considered.

And, thanks for amplifying 'Monitor'.