October 17, 2009

'Internet and Strategy' for CMA Calgary

I was fortunate enough to guest lecture at Doug's course on E-marketing here in #yyc:

Thanks to Doug and the group for the discussion. Thanks as well to Greg for slide 17.


Anonymous said...

Interesting presentation. I'm convinced that the conversion funnel is the wrong framework to use for social media. Rather, I think the power of social media is in building your own platform.

Coniferous said...

Agreed. Presentations like this aren't of much value without context. My comments around this conversion funnel were that it's not like this anymore. Top-down, recursive, one-message marketing is done. It's now about engaging in a 'Social Media Diamond': http://johnhutchings.blogspot.com/search?q=guy+kawasaki

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. I like the idea of the diamond.