October 08, 2009

Twitter Turkey Coma

Finally, a little 'me' time to reflect. I've been sadly absent in the blogosphere and on Twitter of late. I blame work. I've been very busy doing actual client work > getting to know a new client, dealing with internecine squabbling, training up new people, etc.

As a result, what was once a strategic and creative outlet and a way to increase my knowledge base by following and listening to really smart people, has recently become an unwanted distraction. Heck, I just turned on TweetDeck 10 minutes ago!

In addition to the information overload, there is a bit of a 'crise de coeur' thing going on. When I read and try to digest what 'Social Business experts' such as Dachis and Altimeter are saying and doing, I suffer from both envy and performance anxiety - not a good combination.

As we approach Canadian Thanksgiving, I resolve to:
  1. Delegate and concentrate on the strategic aspects of my work
  2. Re-evaluate and pare down on the list of people I follow based on the quality, creativity and depth of the content they deliver.
  3. Write down good ideas when they come to me and then commit to publishing them.
Easier said than done, to be sure. Am I really going to un-follow Sarah Silverman or ShitmyDadSays?....

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